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A Guide to Buying a Kids Bike

Nobody forgets the feeling of their first bike so make sure you are getting them off to a good start. Kids love riding bikes because of the freedom it brings allowing them to roam, discover and appreciate the environment around them. 

  • Start with a balance bike to teach fundamentals - balance, coordination and steering control, then transition into a bike with pedals and brakes.

  • Once a child is comfortable stopping with the rear coaster brake then introduce handbrakes. All our bikes have small brake levers for smaller hands.

  • Introduce gears at the 20" size once the child has gained the bike handling skills, confidence and strength. Gears significantly increase the bikes versatility and reduces fatigue so that your child can participate in longer rides with  the family and tackle uneven terrain. 

  • Consider the material of the bike - Alloy or Steel. This can make a considerable difference to the weight of the bike. 

  • The bike size appropriate to your child depends on their age and height. Kids bike sizes relate to the tyre size. Knowing the inside leg measurement before you come instore helps with finding the best fit ensuring you child can stand over the frame, and hop on and off easy. Generally 12" suits 2-5 years, 16" for 4-6 years, 20" for 5-8 years, 24" for 7-11 years. The right sized bike suited to the child will be easier for them to manoeuvre and makes your child feels comfortable so they will pick up skills and confidence quickly.

  • The correct seat height for a first bike is feet flat on ground and when your child is more confident their toes should touch ground. When biking confidently, their legs should almost be fully extended. Remember, the seat not only moves up and down, but it moves forward and backwards as well allowing more leg room as the child grows.

  • Pop in store, check out our huge range of bikes and let us help you with selecting the perfect bike for your child!

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